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Canary Solar offers a range of premium funding packages at affordable prices. Start an online quote or have a representative call you back. It’s that simple.

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Take the first step towards understanding your savings potential. With solar you can produce some of your own electricity,
reduce your electric bill and shrink your carbon footprint. Select your utility provider below to get started.
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Our professionals handle everything along the way, including system design, city permitting and working with your utility to get your system connected.

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Why Canary solar?

Solar. We believe there is a better way to do solar. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned with quality service.

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Financing solar

Financing. Canary offers a large range of finacning options at affordable monthly prices. Start an online quote or have a representative call you back. It’s that simple.

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What people say about Canary solar

Choosing who you welcome in your home is just as important as what you choose to add to your home. Here at Canary we are with you, for you.

Our specialist will find what best suits you and your lifestyle. We blend modern concepts and convenience, with family friendly living in mind.

Regina Ashcroft

solar customer

All of our questions and concerns were answered quickly and courteously.  Our rep, Felix Mendiola, is great to work with and Aaron and his team at the company are true professionals!

Leslie Coates

solar customer

Best introduction to the solar world I could have asked for. I had alot of questions. Each time we talked I felt like I made the best choice to bring me and my home into this growing industry. Canary Solar worked with me at my pace and in the end delivered even more quality than expected.

Luc Brubaker

Solar customer

Hands down the best sales experience I have ever been a part of (and I work in sales!). Amazing through the whole time. They are so transparent with everything and even better at sending updates along the way. I never had to wonder where we were at in the process because they were always proactive with where we were at. Can't recommend them enough!

Chris Perez

Solar customer

… Their customer service is top notch! Their installerscleaned up after themselves and left my house how they arrived they even wentabove and beyond paint our conduit to match the house. All around great companyand very communicative. Highly recommend using them even if they aren’t thecheapest remember you pay for what you get.

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Solar World

When it comes to solar panels there are a lot of considerations, from how to purchase and install them to how much money they can save on your energy bills. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry news.

More than just solar.

Don't come out of pocket for unexpected home repairs. Add your "Home Improvement" needs into your solar loan! Call us today to learn more.

Need a new roof?

Get a new roof and solar without voiding your roof warranty.

Need an appliance upgrade?

Oven, washing machine, dishwasher or maybe even a TV upgrade.

Do you have house repairs?

Take care of those outstanding repairs by bringing in a professional.

Need a new air unit?

Canary works with top notch A/C companies or you can select your own.


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