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Our Residential Solar Solutions

At Canary Solar and Security, we provide state-of-the-art residential solar solutions that are tailored to meet the unique energy needs of your home. Transitioning to solar energy is not only a sustainable choice but also a smart financial investment that offers significant savings on your electricity bills. Embrace the clean, limitless, and affordable power of the sun with our top-notch solar panels and installation services.

Why choose solar?

Eco-Friendly: Solar energy is a green, renewable energy source that reduces your home's carbon footprint.
Cost-Effective: With solar panels, you can significantly lower your electricity bills. Plus, you may be eligible for federal tax credits and other incentives.
Energy Independence: Reduce reliance on the grid, enjoy lower electricity costs, and have the peace of mind of a reliable energy source even during power outages

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Is solar right for me?

Take the first step towards understanding your savings potential. With solar you can produce some of your own electricity,
reduce your electric bill and shrink your carbon footprint. Select your utility provider below to get started.
funding options

Find a plan that works for you.

The best choice for your family that leaves you feeling stress free.



  • Fixed Monthly Payment
  • No option to own
  • Easy qualification
  • No tax credit


  • No monthly payment
  • Own the system
  • No minimum qualifications
  • Faster ROI

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Ready to transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy source? Contact Canary Solar and Security today for a free consultation and personalized solar solution for your home.

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Our solar solutions

  • Solar Panels:
    We offer a range of high-quality solar panels suitable for different residential needs and budgets.
  • Solar Inverter:
    Our solar inverters ensure that you get the most power out of your solar panels.
  • Solar Battery Storage:
    Store the surplus solar energy and use it whenever needed with our efficient solar battery storage solutions.
  • Solar Monitoring and Maintenance:
    Keep track of your solar system’s performance and ensure it's always running smoothly with our monitoring and maintenance services.
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